EasyToy 2.0

Creates full 3D models based on sketches
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Apply sketch-based modeling methods in the dedicated environment to create full 3D models. Select a template or a sketch and adjust the desired specifications to automatically generate a customizable model. Combine multiple sketches to create a complex structure.

EasyToy is a 3D modeling software. It uses a sketch-based modeling method and a 3D painting method. The user interface is very friendly, and operations are very simple. A complex 3D model can be created quickly by combining several simple operations . Compared with existing 3D systems EasyToy is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. EasyToy has wide applications, including toy design, graphics, animation and education. It is not only suitable for toy designers to design toys and CG creators to design 3D objects but also for non-professional users, especially students, to design 3D cartoon.

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